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The Easy way to make Mole Rojo, Negro, Verde & Pipian

Stone Ground Moles...

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Moles Rivas, the fastest and easy way to make authentic stoned ground moles at home.
We manufacture the delicious Teloloapan Red mole, the Oaxacan Black mole, the hard to find Green mole and our latest product, Red Pipian. If you like your moles hot and spicy, try the red and black mole, but if you prefer a mole with pepitas flavor try the green mole. And if you find yourself craving a good pork pipian try our delicious red pipian.

But are they really easy to prepare?

Our moles are really easy to prepare, you only need to add the broth from chicken, pork or beef meat if you prefer. To see how easy it is, just visit our Recipes page and see for yourself.

Any Preservatives?

None of our Award winning moles have preservatives. We are a small factory that prides itself on only selling and distributing fresh moles. We produce batches to meet demand as well as keep just enought in stock for future customers, this way, we can deliver fresh moles without the need of preservatives. All of our moles have a shelf life of up to seven months.

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